Car Washes Experience Long Lines, Break Records

Posted at 4:46 PM, Jan 19, 2018

For car washes in Nashville, winter is their busiest season. When the snow falls, the brine and salt are spread on the roads, and in turn, get all over people's cars. 

"It's pretty brutal on cars," Shannon Murray, general manager at the East Nashville Mister Car Wash, said. "It will cause premature rusting, seals and stuff will fail. It's good to kee rinsed off and keep it off." 

Murray said prior to Friday, the most cars they've ever serviced in an hour was 102 cars, but with the temperatures warming up and snow melting away, they were washing as many as 111 cars ever hour, that's a car every 32 seconds. 

While some people only wash their car when they need to, others invest in memberships and get their cars washed often.

"This season, our members are really taking advantage of it," Murray said. 

When Murray knows that brine will be something they'll have to wash off of cars, he changes the solution of their car wash fluid to make it more effective. 

"It's all in the PH balance," Murray explained. "We're pretty dialed in, I mean, it's dripping right off of cars." 

According to Murray, the busiest time of day to get your car washed is around lunchtime, so he suggests going before or after work instead.