Card Skimmers Steal Information; Identity Theft Victim Tells Story

Posted at 6:46 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-29 20:43:30-04

A Ridgetop woman shared her story after criminals used a card skimmer to steal her private information.

She asked to remain anonymous since the man who stole her information was still on the run. Earlier this month the bank she uses contacted her about several purchases made on her card.

"Three of them were from a Smyrna Walmart. I was like I've been at work all day, I haven't gone to Smyrna," she said. 

Someone made multiple purchases, totaling more than $600. Investigators believe they gained access to her account through the internet or by card skimmers.

"I don't use my card too often, mostly at gas stations," she said. 

However, that's where officers said it's happening more and more often. Card skimmers can easily be placed over gas pump readers, ATM's and card machines in retail stores, making it easy for criminals to get personal information from each card that's swiped.

"I'd never heard of those," she said. 

Some gas stations are even posting signs, warning customers and stating they check their machines before and after each shift.

The suspect who stole her information, however, was caught on surveillance video. Ridgetop Police said he made 25 visits to area Walmarts in a three-day span.

"He's still out there and there are thousands of people still out there that haven't been caught," she said. 

For this victim, it's a crime that's changed how she goes about her day to day business. "I do feel a lot more vulnerable now and I pay attention a lot more to where I'm swiping my card and who's around and where I'm at and where I swipe it," she said. 

If you've seen the man in these pictures, contact Ridgetop Detective Ryan Tomlin at 615-384-4911 or 615-851-0203.