‘Catfish Jake' Talks Preds Playoff Run, Pittsburgh Incident

Posted at 8:53 AM, Apr 20, 2018

Nashville Predators super fan, Jake Waddell, stopped by NewsChannel 5 to break down the team’s playoff run ahead of Game 5 and also talked about that “incident” in Pittsburgh.  

Waddell, better known as “Catfish Jake,” was charged with disorderly conduct, disrupting a meeting, and possessing instruments of crime after throwing a catfish onto the ice during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals last year.

“I had to run it over with my truck, had to fillet it a little bit and put it in my compression shorts,” Waddell said Friday morning.

Waddell struck again this week in Denver when the Preds were down 4-0 and they later scored three goals.

“I’m not superstitious as far as that stuff goes but I’ve thrown [a catfish] on the ice twice in opposing arenas and we’ve scored three goals right after."  

With a win tonight, the Preds could face Winnipeg in the next round. When asked if he would consider taking a catfish across the border, Waddell said “make sure you’re watching the games. That’s all I’m going to say.”