Cattle Catch Mt. Juliet Community By Surprise

Posted at 7:02 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 20:26:41-04

A herd of cattle was the last thing a Mt. Juliet neighborhood expected to see taking a stroll through the neighborhood.

Saturday afternoon, neighbors said as many as five cows wandered through the streets of the Stonehollow subdivision. 

"Somebody looked over and was like cows? And we were like cows?" neighbor Andrea Sutton-Donaldson remembered. 

The cows walked through the neighborhood in the middle of a community barbeque. The subdivision backs up to fields. While the cattle can be seen grazing from afar, many were shocked when they showed up in front yards.

"They're normally further out grazing but this weekend they were a little closer to all the houses," Tiffiany Harrington said. 

The cows knocked over a grill in one yard and left behind a fertile surprise in others. 

It took neighbors quite some time to figure not only who the cattle belonged to but how the managed to escape from the fencing. 

"They're still developing over here a lot and so the more blasting that's being done, it's destroying the fences that may have been separating us from the pasture area," Sutton-Donaldson said.

Eventually, Harrington's fiance managed to wrangle the cattle back away from the neighbors. Mt. Juliet police said it took two officers nearly an hour to make sure the cows were securely back where they belonged.