Celebrities Shed Light On Nashville Murder Case

Posted at 8:54 PM, Nov 21, 2017

Superstars Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna have brought new life to a Nashville human trafficking and 2004 murder case.

Convicted killer Cyntoia Brown was 16 years old when she was charged in the murder of 43-year old realtor Johnny Allen. Her attorneys said Brown was a victim of sex trafficking, and that Allen paid her for sex.

Brown's attorney said she shot Allen in self-defense, opening fire when he reached for his gun, but prosecutors said Brown shot Allen while he was asleep.

In 2006, a jury convicted Brown of first degree murder and also aggravated robbery for stealing his guns after the shooting.

A judge sentenced her to life in prison which carries with it a possibility of parole after 51 years. Brown would be 69-years old then.

on Tuesday, tweets from Rhihanna and Kim Kardashian said the "system has failed" Brown, a sex trafficking victim.




A petition was created and began circulating online to grant Brown a new trial, though that push did fail just a few years ago.

Advocates have asked for her sentence to be commuted from first degree murder, to at least second degree murder. That would mean Brown would have an opportunity for parole in 2019.

That clemency request was still  in the works.