Changes At CSX Transportation Mean Job Cuts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Cuts are expected to be made at CSX Transportation in Nashville after officials said they made changes to improve efficiency, safety and service.

A lot has changed for CSX Transportation in the last few years, employees tell us many of the changes began at the beginning of this year.

"Well, we were kept in the dark pretty much," said one employee. Out of fear of losing their job, the current employee wants to remain anonymous but felt it necessary to share what's happening within the company.

"Everybody has always known that this company really doesn't care about its employees, now it's really been written on the wall that's the truth," they said. 

In March, CSX named a new CEO, Hunter Harrison. The employee we spoke with believes his priorities are profits, not people.

"People probably think it's because this company is being really profitable, but it's really because they're cutting jobs and laying people off left and right, which makes it look like they're making money," the employee told NewsChannel 5. 

Rob Doolittle, a company spokesperson responded with this statement:

"Since March, CSX has been undertaking a comprehensive review of the company’s operations to improve efficiency, safety and service to customers. Since March CSX has been undertaking a comprehensive review of the company's operations to improve efficiency, safety and service to customers. Some changes involve the reduction of positions, and we recently informed employees at the Radnor facility in Nashville that some positions were being eliminated. Many employees affected by this change are eligible to seek positions at other nearby CSX facilities. Operations at Radnor Yard continue, as does CSX’s service to customers in Nashville and throughout the region." 

A specific answer as to how many cuts were made in Tennessee and across the company was not given, but employees told NewsChannel 5, "oh, it's thousands."

For them, their future and their jobs are uncertain. "Not afraid I'm going to lose it. I'm kind of thinking it's just a matter of when," an employee said.

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