Charles Robert Bone Endorses Megan Barry For Mayor

Posted at 6:27 PM, Aug 20, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Former mayoral candidate Charles Robert Bone has endorsed Megan Barry for Mayor of Nashville.

Bone announced his endorsement at a press conference Thursday. He also said he'd be chairing the Megan Barry for Mayor Business Council, which includes over 150 leaders in the business community.

“I believe the choice as to who should now lead Nashville could not be more clear, which is why I am honored to chair Megan Barry's Business Council and to support her campaign,” said Bone. “Megan's business experience and her experience serving on the Metro Council is what Nashville needs now.”

Barry said she will rely on these business leaders during the final three weeks of the runoff election.

"I hope all of us together, with this business council, and the strength of these incredible individuals, who create jobs everyday, we will continue to move Nashville forward, Barry said.

Just last week, former Nashville Mayor and former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen announced his support for Barry – marking the first time Bredesen had ever endorsed anyone for mayor.

Barry's campaign has continued to grow in endorsements.

Twenty-six sitting Metro Council members, along with newly elected and former members, publicly endorsed her Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier this week David Fox's campaign accused Barry of padding her resume. A statement claimed she lied about owning a business called Barry & Associates.

"Absolutley complete fake. She ended up taking off her Linkedin page, and now putting it back up. she changed her story. She said, well that was 2003 I was making money. We looked back at 2003, There's no tax return, there's not company. There's nothing," said Chris Turner with the Fox campaign.

The Barry campaigned fired back with a response to NewsChannel 5.

"This is yet another false and desperate attempt by the Fox campaign to distract voters from David’s record of fighting against working families and making millions as a Wall Street hedge fund manager while families were struggling during the recession," said Sean Braisted with the Barry campaign. “The next thing we’ll see is David Fox asking to see Megan’s birth certificate."

Barry and Fox will face each other in a run-off election set for September 10.

Early voting was scheduled to start Thursday, August 21 and last until September 5.