Chattanooga Shooting Victim Arrives Back In Tennessee For Burial

Posted at 5:49 PM, Jul 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-07 08:56:10-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The body of Staff Sergeant David Wyatt arrived back in Tennessee. He was killed one week ago in the shootings at the Chattanooga Naval Support Center.

Wyatt's body was at the Dover Air Force Base for an autopsy after the shooting that killed a total of five servicemen.

Officers with the Chattanooga Police Department led a procession of Wyatt's family members who came to Nashville to bring their loved one's body back to East Tennessee.

Members of the group Patriot Guard Riders stood at Nashville International Airport to honor Wyatt as his journey home began.

Members said they attend too many of these honorable transfer ceremonies.

"It's extremely moving. Particularly these transfers because this may be the first time the family has actually seen the flag draped caskets and the reactions are extremely heart wrenching. I don't have them on right now, but you'll most of us wear dark glasses at that point," said member David Westhrop.

As members of the group waited for Wyatt's procession, a heavy rain started falling. They stood there, with American flags in hand.

"It was like tears from heaven. We use a comment for the Patriot Guard, we use dark glasses to cover up our tears, so the family can't see them. Today, the rain was covering them up for us," said member Annette Robeck.

She left work early to stand where her flag as Wyatt's procession passed. She felt she just needed to be there for the family.

"My brother served in the Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine. My husband is an air force veteran. This could have been me out here with one of my children," said Robeck.

The Patriot Guard will be back at the airport Friday evening. That is when the body of Navy Sailor Randall Smith's body will arrive in Nashville.