Cheap Permit Fees Keep Walkways Closed

Posted at 9:23 PM, Dec 06, 2016

As Nashville continues to grow, and establish itself as the "It City," cranes have become apart of Music City's skyline. But there are some growing pains that come along with all of the expansion.

"It would be safer if we could get something done about the sidewalks and crossing the roads and things like that but people just have to take precaution," said Thalaya Bell.

Fences blocking sideways and lane closed signs are also becoming apart of Nashville.. And not everybody's happy about it.

"It is sort of a hassle, I just started working in downtown Nashville," said Bell.

And it makes the job of valet parking especially difficult.

"They’re just shutting the road down and you have to find a different way it’s terrible," said Jason Balash.

"It definitely negatively impacts the traffic flow in the meantime. Within a 100 yard radius of this place there’s about 4 different active construction sites," said William Allison.

In the coming months reopening sidewalks and traffic lanes is something metro council hopes to look into.

"The fees are so low there’s not a disincentive or an incentive for things to be open so I think that that’s something that we need to be looking at as a city, as a council," said Jeremy Elrod, Council Member.

Just how inexpensive? A permit to shut down a street for an entire week costs less than  $100 and that's something the councilman is hoping to change.

"If you’re building a multi-billion dollar building you don’t even look to see how much those fees are now a days. So I think that’s also something we need to strongly look at, not just the policies also the fees," said Elrod.

Policies and fees that will make growing pains a bit easier to bare.