Cheatham County Animal Control Director Ousted By Mayor

Posted at 9:30 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 23:22:39-04

Mayor Kerry McCarver fired Cheatham County Animal Control Director TJ Jordi, saying the decision was was based on a complaint filed by an animal control officer a few weeks ago. 

“Very upset and concerned because she had been written up, reprimanded over missing a day,” McCarver explained. 

When they brought it up with Jordi, “he told her that if an employee were to bypass him and go straight to the mayor that would be considered insubordination and they could lose their job,” said McCarver. 

The mayor claims Jordi denied saying that multiple times until audio from his body camera proved otherwise.

“At that point the trust is broken. I can’t have a director or manager that I don’t trust,” McCarver said. 

However, to the volunteers who called the shelter their second home, Jordi was only guilty of putting the animals first. He purchased camera equipment with his own money to take pictures of the animals to be posted online for adoption. He would even make the shelter his overnight home during sever weather events. 

“Anybody who saw the work and dedication his team put in, I would hope would feel an immense sense of loss,” said Stacie Cain. 

Cain volunteered at the shelter for a couple of years.

“My first thought was my God, what’s going to happen to the animals there," she questioned. 

Now she fears some commissioners might push to make it a kill shelter now that Jordi is gone, a claim the mayor strongly denies.

“We’ve never approached it from that standpoint, and as long as I sit behind this desk we will never have that discussion,” McCarver said. 

We learned Jordi and two of his own special needs dogs are beloved in the community and are often seen during community events and at the library visiting children. 

Cheatham County is currently looking for an animal control officer and an animal control director. You can find more about the job opportunities here.