Christmas Trees shortage is increasing prices, demand

Posted at 12:42 PM, Dec 06, 2021

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WTVF) — If you haven't picked out your Christmas tree yet — it may be harder to find one than you think.

The demand is high, but the supply is low.

The Christmas Tree Association reports people can expect to pay anywhere from 10 to 30% more on a tree.

The organization also says one reason for the increase in prices is because a summer heatwave hurt tree farms in the Pacific Northwest.

Christmas tree sellers in Middle Tennessee say they're feeling pinch and the need to raise prices.

"We started in 1989 selling Christmas trees. Now we've had different locations throughout Mt. Juliet. But everybody knows me here in Mt. Juliet so we've done for a long time," said Norman Chrisman, who owns and operates Norm's Christmas Tree Lot in Mt. Juliet. "Sometimes wonder why I'm still in it, but I love the people Mount Juliet. And I think they love me too."

Chrisman says it's a very giving business, but in the past few years, Christmas trees have been in high demand.

"It’s just bad because you know, we used to sell a 10-foot tree for $69, now it's $150," Chrisman said.

Chrisman says it was around 2008 when a lot of tree farmers got out of the business.

"The farmers not growing the tree, we can't get the tree," Chrisman said.

Since then the need for more Christmas trees is still an issue and it hasn't gotten better since the pandemic with shipping and manufacturing issues.

"We used to bring them in out of North Carolina, couldn't get them this year, so we had to take them out of Michigan.," Chrisman said.

Chrisman says thankfully his customers understand, but he's hopeful things will turn around.

"They are planting, the farmers that come back and you know, I think in three or four years, it will come down. I don't think it will come down and a half but it’s gonna come down."

There is also a shortage and demand for artificial trees, so it could take longer than usual to get here thanks to supply chain issues.