City Leaders Learn More About SoBro-Gulch Bridge Plans

Posted at 4:23 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 19:33:42-04

A rendering of the Gulch-SoBro pedestrian bridge was released, and with it metro council members learned much more about the proposed plan.

The bridge would connect South Broadway, near Cummins Station, to the Gulch and pass over the railroad tracks between the two.

In order to do that, the city would make a land swap deal by selling the MTA landport to Cummins Station.

"These stairs have actually have made it a lot easier just to come down to the Gulch and enjoy all of the shopping and restaurants and everything that we have down here. Before, you had to kind of go all the way around and now it's just a quick trip down," said Jennifer Renshaw.

The area right beside it would become more than just an entrance to the bridge. Council members learned that the plans would include turning the space into a plaza, complete with retail space.

It's a project that could cost $2.6 million, which would come out of the $18 million already approved for the bridge.

"So you're really paying for the bridge with 14 to 15 million," said councilman John Cooper. "Is that enough to buy the right bridge?"

While Cooper voiced concerns that the project's price could increase, another council member disagreed with the project altogether.

"To get from across the railway from here, as opposed to walking one block that way and that way, or that way and back? This is $18 million we could use in other parts of the city where it is desperately needed," said Steve Glover.

Council members will vote on the second reading of the proposed plan Tuesday night. The plan needs to pass three readings to move forward.