Clarksville Chaplain Heads To Puerto Rico With Satellite Phones

Posted at 9:30 PM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 22:34:42-04

One of the biggest problems still being felt in Puerto Rico is communication; so Clarksville Police Department Chaplain Modesto Martinez decided to make a difference with sate

"We still have a lot of families who haven't been able to talk to their loved ones," said Chaplain Modesto Martinez, Clarksville Police Department.

Martinez says he realized just how bad the communication was when he couldn't contact his mother after the hurricane for five days.

"In my case, my mother lives pretty close to a river. I was eating my nails the first fives days. I didn't know if she was OK, she's by herself," said Martinez.

Thankfully his mother was unharmed but there are still thousands of families who are unsure if their loved ones are safe.

That's why Chaplain Martinez decided to help, with satellite phones.

"You can be anywhere on this planet, but if you have one of these, you can talk," said Martinez.

The Chaplain will be traveling throughout different towns for 14 days helping people to get in contact with their loved ones. He'll also have battery operated light bulbs and light switches, hoping every little bit helps.

"If I'm able to get there and at least see somebody contact their loved one and having the same reaction that I had, that would be great for me," said Martinez.

It costs a dollar a minute to make calls on the satellite phones. The Chaplain will be leaving the phones on the island when he leaves. Donations for satellite minutes can be made on a gofundme page created by Martinez.