Clarksville Christmas Tradition Continues

Posted at 8:17 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 21:29:09-05

After the loss of a pillar in the Clarksville community, Pastor Jimmy Terry, his son has kept his father's well-known Christmas tradition alive.

The pastor would always put up and hand out signs saying "Christmas is all about Jesus." He made it his mission to spread that message each year.

"He always wanted to be more about, Christ instead of the holiday," said Jimmy Terry Jr.

This Christmas is a little more bitter than sweet for the pastor's son, Terry Jr.

"It's always going to be bitter, I'll look for the sweet. Haven't found the sweet yet," said Terry.

Pastor Jimmy Terry died in the summer, after losing his battle to prostate cancer. He was known for handing out his Christmas Is All About Jesus signs, but his church along with his family are making sure that tradition lives.

"Whenever you have a larger than life person spearheading something and then they pass away, it sort of dwindles in its importance," said Terry.

The community has continued to support Pastor Terry's efforts to spread that same message. In fact, the signs can be spotted not only in Clarksville, but all across the country.

"We have them in Ohio, Washington state, Washington D.C, they're in Missouri, they're in Illinois, Mississippi," said Servella Terry.

Pastor Terry's wife, Servella Terry said that's just some of the locations where you can spot the signs.

Though this time of the year is painful, they're carrying on the pastor's message, one sign at a time.

"He loved Jesus, and he was unashamed to talk about his love for Jesus and he wanted everyone to know that he was on a mission to lift up the name of Jesus," said Servella Terry.

Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church is located at 303 Market street in Clarksville. You can stop there to pick up your sign, button, or pin for a donation towards the church.