Clarksville Motorcycle Gang Members Indicted On Federal Charges

Posted at 12:07 PM, Jan 18, 2018

Several members of a Clarksville motorcycle gang have been indicted on federal charges in a large-scale investigation.

Officials said 12 members of the Mongols Motorcycle Gang are charged with racketeering conspiracy. Three others were charged with other federal crimes, including large-scale drug trafficking and crimes related to the Hobbs Act.

According to the 54-count indictment, members and associates were involved in murder, attempted murder, assault, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, witness tampering, money laundering, interstate travel in aid of racketeering and large-scale drug trafficking.

"The Mongols terrorized numerous individuals by kidnapping and assaulting them using deadly weapons, robbing them, destroying a business by setting it on fire, attempting to murder two individuals by shooting them multiple times and even murdering one individual after kidnapping her and driving her to a cemetery," said Don Cochran, US Attorney for Middle Tennessee.

Several suspects were arrested Thursday morning. A suspect identified as Steven Cole has yet to be taken into custody. Details on why he had not been arrested were not immediately released; however, Cole was reported missing from Clarksville in November 2017.

The 12 charged in the racketeering conspiracy are:

  • James Wesley Frazier, a/k/a “Slo-Mo,” a/k/a “Special,” 30, of Clarksville
  • Aelix Santiago, a/k/a “Goon,” a/k/a “Big O,” a/k/a “Big Offit,” 29, of Clarksville 
  • Kyle Heade, 30, formerly of Fort Campbell, Kentucky 
  • Joel Aldridge, a/k/a “Sleezy,” a/k/a “Spoon,” 36, of Clarksville 
  • James Hines, a/k/a “Fester,” 42, of Clarksville
  • Michael Forrester, Jr., a/k/a “Stix,” 29, of Clarksville
  • Stephen Cole, a/k/a “Lurch,” 36, of Clarksville
  • Jamie Hern, a/k/a “J-Roc,” 38, of Clarksville
  • Robert Humiston, a/k/a “Bric,” a/k/a “Brichands,” 25, of Dover
  • Michael Myers, a/k/a “Yea Yea,” 33, of Oak Grove, Kentucky
  • Michael Levi West, a/k/a “Smurf,” a/k/a “Blue,” 35, of Clarksville
  • Adrianna Frazier, a/k/a “Adrianna Miles,” 32, of Owensboro, Kentucky 

Derek Leighton Stanley, 43, of Owensboro, Kentucky was charged with large-scale drug trafficking. Timothy Grant, 31, of Clarksville, and Dustin McCracken, a/k/a “D,” 28, of Clarksville, were charged with offenses related to Hobbs Act Robbery.

Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley said he expects the arrests will make a big difference in the City.