Clarksville Police Search For Credit Card Thieves

Posted: 7:26 PM, Jun 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-01 21:31:45-04

Criminals are hard at work trying to steal your money, unfortunately some made off with thousands in Clarksville after a shimmer was found in an ATM there.

Instead of just getting a job, criminals are hard at work learning how to take your paycheck. Police are now hoping you can identify a man, caught on surveillance video inserting a shimmer inside the Navy Federal Credit Union on Tiny Town Road in Clarksville.

"One of the things people should do is keep an eye on your credit cards. Get notifications set up at banks when you're notified every time your credit card is used so you're' aware if you didn't do that transaction," said Jim Knoll, Clarksville Police, Public Information Officer.

It's more difficult to identify a shimmer, since the device is inserted inside of the card reader. But if you have trouble inserting your card police suggest using another ATM.

"They've got ones where you don't actually have to be in contact with the credit card," said Knoll.

That's exactly what happened to another victim.

Police are also searching for another man after he used a device to electronically extract data when passing by a victim while the credit card was still in the owner's possession.  

"The big thing is keeping an eye on your account. Being aware that these folks are out here taking your information, utilizing it and ripping you off," said Knoll.

As police work on catching these guys, they're hoping you can be vigilant by keeping an eye on your bank account.

"You got to keep an eye on your account and see when different transactions maybe happening," said Knoll.

The victims involved loss more than $2,500.

The ATM went down about an hour after the device was inserted, but it took a few weeks before the victim's credit card information was used.

You can cut your chances of becoming a victim of having your credit card information stolen by using ATMs that are inside banks, and use ATMs during the week instead of on weekends.