Clarksville Senior Center opens new thrift store

Posted: 7:32 AM, Nov 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-08 12:38:13-05
New thrift store helps Clarksville seniors
New thrift store helps Clarksville seniors
New thrift store helps Clarksville seniors

Shopping as a senior can be challenging - just getting a ride to the store. Now, the city of Clarksville is taking the idea of thrift store shopping and making it more accessible. 

"It’s The Shoppe we wanna stay away from the word 'thrift' because we have new things, we have gently use things, and we have handmade things," said store manager Glenda Rohner. 

The shop sits inside the Ajax Turner Senior Center off Clark Street. Thanks in part to a city-funded expansion The Shoppe went from being a cramped room to a beautiful boutique space. 

Seniors can consign goods.

"Which gives [members] a couple dollars to spend at the end of the month that you might not of had," she said. 

They can also shop for clothes and holiday gifts and household items. Even basics like toothpaste. Helpful when mobility isn't always easy. 

"They don’t have to get off the bus and get something from the store and get back on the bus," she said. 

Rohner says it's also a place to browse and talk and look at pretty things. A reminder that gently loved treasures often get better with age. 

The Shoppe is open from 10a.m. to 2p.m. daily and everyone is welcome. Only Ajax Turner Senior Center members can consign items. But anyone can shop.