Clarksville Woman Celebrates 110th Birthday

Posted at 9:46 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 22:47:44-05

A Clarksville woman celebrated her 110th birthday on Wednesday. Mamie Johnson enjoys hearing lullabies.

Nate Thacker, the dietary director at Spring Meadows Health Care Center, came in to her room to sing her happy birthday and several songs.

Thacker said, “It’s just amazing to know any body who lived to be a 110-years-old.”

In her old age, Johnson has developed a sweet tooth. She loves cupcakes and ice cream.

Wednesday morning she woke up and told her caretaker she knew it was her birthday.

Lori Baker said, "Only the good die young is what she told me.”

Johnson's daughter, Dot Goad, was laughing at her mother's spunky attitude. She said her mother raised 5 kids.

Dot Goad said, “My daddy died when she was 35, and she’s taken care of us ever since.”

Goad said her mother worked making candy in Nashville and didn't move to her care facility until she turned 101.

Goad said, “Mother used to tell everybody that the reason she was as old as she was, was because she’s never driven a car! And she walked everywhere which is true.”