Coach Says He Was Fired, Parents Upset After Harassment Concerns Voiced

Posted at 10:20 PM, Aug 27, 2015

CHARLOTTE, Tenn. - Some Mid-State parents said their concerns about bullying and harassment against their kids have been swept under the rug by school administrators and the Board of Education.

Multiple parents said their children on the Dickson County Middle School football team have been harassed and bullied by a boy on the team, the son of a coach.

One parent, Kevin Stringer, said his son has been verbally and sexually harassed by the boy. Stringer was the only parent allowed to speak at Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting where many parents said they felt they were once again ignored.

“My point is here tonight to try to protect these little fella's that can’t protect themselves,” Stringer said to the board.

Former assistant football coach, Shane Dunnin, said he was fired for blowing the whistle and reporting the accusations, and now he's suing for defamation.

“He [the coach] didn’t need any more trouble at the Board of Education,” Dunnin said. When he went to his superiors, Dunnin said he was told not to worry about it because the situation was being investigated.

“Four hours later, I get a text message from the head coach saying that my services were no longer needed,” Dunnin said.

Those with the board said only one parent was allowed to speak at the meeting because the rest didn't sign up in time.

Parents were mad because they said the board suspended the rules to address the flag controversy in Dickson County, but they wouldn't suspend the rules to allow the other parents to address the board on this issue.

Parents said the player at the center of these accusations apologized to the whole team only after the investigation was closed. He apparently did not play in Thursday night's football game.

The Board of Education would not comment on the coach's defamation suit or the parents' complaints.

The head of the board only said he would be happy to meet with the board members individually.