Combat Veterans Look To Music To Help Heal Those Suffering With PTSD

Posted at 10:47 PM, Aug 15, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - They've served in tours overseas, but on Saturday morning in Nashville, two combat veterans were a part of a much different tour on the General Jackson.

Their battles in the field may have ended years ago, but now they're fighting to save the lives of fellow veterans who suffer from PTSD. They're doing it through song.

"Our men and women need to know that people care, that we care," veteran Odiss Kohn said.

They have each fought their own personal battles. For Sal Gonzalez, a fellow marine was killed and another injured after a bomb exploded under their Humvee in 2004. Gonzalez lost his leg in the explosion.

"I blamed myself, it was my fault. I was supposed to look out for those bombs, and it's my fault that that dude is dead," he explained.

His pain wrote the lyrics, the music helped him heal. Song writing and music has become an outlet for the Band of Heroes who have hoped to make a difference.

"Music in general, it has such a meaning. The way it touches a person," said Kohn.

"Not every veteran has this outlet, but you could," Gonzalez said.

Soon they will record an album. Each song set to be an inspirational message, one of sacrifice and struggle, hope and healing.

"There is a new normal, there is a way to just thrive and live and be happy after you go to war," Gonzalez said.

Not only have the Band of Heroes been set to record an album, they're also producing a two hour documentary which they have planned to debut at Nashville's 4th of July celebration next year.

For anyone interested in learning more about Band of Heroes, visit their web site by clicking here