Community Reacts After Fatal Teen Shooting

Posted at 11:07 PM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 15:04:31-04

Friday afternoon, a little before 12 p.m., 14-year-old Tirell Hill was gunned down in the street of a Bordeaux neighborhood.

"I heard about eight shots. I didn't want to believe they were shots because that's not something anybody wants to hear in their community," Michael McLendon said. 

Nearby McLendon awoke from his nap and began to asses the situation. Sadly he learned a young teenager is dead and the only thing tying him and the shooter to his community is the road it happened on.

"My reaction is that I'm not doing enough," said McLendon. 

McLendon has been here before. The last time bullets were fired near his home he went to work, helping the youth through his church. Now he believes all of Nashville must think bigger.

"I think in order for Nashville to move forward we're going to have to take a look in the mirror and say this is not only the music city, this is our city and we have to take responsibility for the entire city," McLendon explained. 

Police say Hill ran away from his foster home in Antioch on May 19. They'd been searching for him ever since. Unfortunately, someone else found him first. Officers believe the shooting was targeted. 

"Consistently, cooperatively, we can change the culture," McLendon said. He is hoping for a call to action. "Its not something we can say, 'it's happening there or its happening there' because this came to Bordeaux and just like it came to Bordeaux it can go to Brentwood."