Contracted Paper Carrier Turns Armed Burglar

Posted at 10:44 PM, Mar 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-28 23:59:33-04

A newspaper carrier was arrested after being caught on camera stealing from a home on his route in Marshall County Kentucky.

Home surveillance video shows a car pulling up to Bruce David's house in Benton, Kentucky Sunday morning. It seems pretty typical at first, the driver is seen tossing a paper into their yard. However, that's when the typical turned criminal. 

On another camera, the driver is seen getting out of their car and makes his way to the back of the home where he disappears off camera. 

“The closets had been gone through, I assume looking for guns or whatever that you might find,” said homeowner, Bruce David.

The cameras also captured the thief taking items from an outdoor shed on the property. The surveillance cameras were the first place David looked once he realized they'd become victims of a break-in. 

“My son was like, wait a minute I know who that guy is,” explained David. 

The video shows their newspaper carrier, 41-year-old Allan Steward, with a handgun hanging out of his pocket.

Meanwhile, David's son had visited the home twice that same day.

“We don’t know what would’ve happened had he scared or startled this guy and he had a gun,” David said. 

Steward was delivering papers for the Paducah Sun. While he was taken into custody late Sunday, David still had some questions for their local paper.

“I said its not a big thing to background check your drivers and they said well that’s not our responsibility because they are 100 percent private contractors so once they leave with our papers we don’t have anything to do with it so take it up with him,” David explained. 

Steward is no stranger to law enforcement. He has a long list of crimes including burglary and shoplifting. 

The David's have canceled their subscription to The Paducah Sun and have this advice.

“My advice to myself was I’ll never get another paper delivery here without getting my carrier checked,” said David.