Cory Batey Shakes Up Legal Team Before Asking For New Trial

Posted at 6:10 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 19:42:32-04

In a major development in the Vanderbilt rape case, Corey Batey hired a new attorney and planned to ask for new trial.

Lawyer, Worrick Robinson left the case because he said he simply does not handle appeals.

Batey was back in court. There was a brief warm exchange with his long-time attorney Robinson and then Robinson was dismissed from any future work on the case.

He was replaced by another big name in the Nashville law industry, Peter Strianse.

"You know it's been a long three years. Not sure I'd say I'm glad to be off the case. But it's over. My run is over," said Robinson.

Batey's family hired Strianse for the appeal. He said he's just getting started and that he did not closely follow the high-profile case.

"I'm sincere when I say I did not follow the nuances of the case," said Strianse.

He said he'd meet with Robinson, and hopefully Batey's other attorney, Courtney Teasley.

Many will remember the pregnant Teasley leading the defense during Batey's April trial. She has since had her baby.

"I'm also anxious to get off the case as well," said Teasley.

She conceded that there was some tension behind-close-doors as you might expect during such a trial, but Batey trusted her to take over the case.

"He just made some decisions - let's try something different," said Teasley.

The jury still convicted Batey of aggravated rape. Teasley said he was glad the judge gave the minimum 15 year sentence.

Does she think Brandon Vandenburg who was also convicted in separate trial will get the same?

"Maybe he'll give him the minimum. I don't care what happens as far as Vandenburg is concerned," said Teasley.

So Teasley is off the case too, but said she would meet with Strianse the new attorney -- if he asks.

Batey had two weeks to file for a new trial challenging his conviction. He was being held in the Riverbend Maximum Security Prison.

The name of attorney Peter Strianse may sound familiar. It should. He routinely handles high-profile cases for politicians, professional athletes, coaches and even other lawyers.

He was not appointed by the state. Strianse said Batey's family retained.