Council Member Files Lawsuit Against Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Metro Nashville council member filed a lawsuit against the city of Nashville regarding land once belonging to Fort Negley. 

The suit filed by Council Member Steve Glover, his lawyer, and several others claimed the deal made with Cloud Hill Properties to develop the Greer Stadium site into a mixed use building was done against the rules.

Lawyer Jim Roberts said it was never declared a surplus which is a requirement and that it was done in secret by appointing a seven person secret committee instead of getting community input.

"This process needs to start over, nothing was done correctly everything was done secretly and behind the scenes and that this needs to stop, we're asking the court to do that to start over in a transparent and public way so the people of Nashville know what's happening," said Roberts.

Bert Mathews, principal of The Cloud Hill Partnership has since responded saying, "Today's press conference was nothing more than a cheap political stunt. This lawsuit has no merit, and we are confident it will be dismissed. Metro Council does get to vote on the Cloud Hill project, which Councilman Glover knows full well."

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