Council Members Discuss Possible Budget Solutions

Posted: 3:51 PM, Jun 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-18 23:01:49-04

A proposed metro budget is expected to be a huge blow to Metro workers and teachers. Council members discussed the budget shortfall in a hearing Monday evening.

City workers and teachers wouldn't get a raise under two proposed plans because of the shortfall. Despite great revenue coming into the city, there are several reasons behind the shortfall.

Some of them are debt from projects to improve schools and parks and arguably less tax revenue during a re-appraisal year.

Right now the Metro Budget & Finance Committee is discussing a different budget plan proposed by Chair Tanaka Vercher.

She proposed more than two-million dollars in cuts to Briley's budget plan including a one-million-dollar cut from a fund that incentivized the show "Nashville."

Other big cuts include $300,000 from the mayor's office and $100,000 from a summer youth employment program. The two million dollars in cuts would help Metro Schools although it still won't fully fund the district next year.

Council member Bob Mendes also proposed a different plan - a 50 cent property tax increase, something the mayor opposes.

The Metro council is expected to vote on one of the budget plans Tuesday. If they don't come up with a decision, Mayor Briley's $2.3 billion dollar plan will pass, but they do have until the end of the month.