Council Members To Request 'Community Benefit Agreement'

Posted: 4:06 PM, Aug 07, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-07 18:08:27-04
Council Members To Request 'Community Benefit Agreement'

Metro City Council members will hold a press conference in regards to the proposed Major League Soccer stadium in Nashville.

Before any votes are cast on the project during tonight's Metro Council meeting, some the council members are encouraging the community to work together on the issue.

The proposed stadium is one of the city's controversial topics. Supporters say the proposed stadium at the fairgrounds will help revitalize that area, while opponents say it will negatively impact the activities that currently go on at the fairgrounds.

They plan to ask the ownership group of the Nashville's Major League Soccer franchise to sign off on a so-called "community benefit agreement." 

This would ensure the owners are committed to affordable housing, living wage jobs, and neighborhood services for people living in South Nashville.

Throughout this process, many have expressed concerns about how the proposed stadium project could negatively impact people who live in the area.

Fifteen council members have signed off on this agreement, but keep in mind, it takes 27 votes to approve the proposed stadium.