Councilman Glover Says Mayor May Not Be Fit To Govern

Councilman Glover Says Mayor May Not Be Fit To Govern
Posted at 7:07 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-11 13:11:48-05

Councilman Steve Glover spoke with NewsChannel 5 about Mayor Barry's affair with her bodyguard and the questions surrounding his overtime pay.

Glover was sympathetic to the mayor's situation, but he questioned if it would impact her ability to govern.

“With the amount of stress and the amount of pressure in her life right now, yeah, I have doubts on whether or not she can govern right now," said Glover. 

"I mean, I got to tell you, if it was happening to me, I’m not sure I could; so I’m not throwing stones here. Emotionally, she’s got an awful lot on her plate.”

He said an investigation into the mayor's use of funds is justified.

"If there was an extensive stay outside of what the calendar demanded from her job as being the mayor, and taxpayers paid for that hotel room, that's where I would question. And I think that's a legitimate question," said Glover.

Thursday, District Attorney Glenn Funk requested that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation open an investigation into her use of funds.

Glover would like to discuss the possibility of a council investigation, but wants to make sure it doesn’t impede the TBI/DA investigation.

"I’ll be glad to make the conversation, I want to have a thorough conversation about all of this, but right now General Funk is conducting an investigation. I want to make sure we don't hinder anything at all they're trying to do," said Glover.

In order for the council to conduct an investigation, it must be approved by 30 of the 39 council members, which Glove said would be tough.

"If we have the conversation and it leads us down the path to say, ‘It makes sense to say we should do it,’ then I don’t know it would be difficult to get 30 people to vote for it."

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