Councilman Greene Resigns Amid Controversy

Posted at 7:12 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-30 00:12:55-05

Metro Councilman Loniel Greene has resigned from council amid an investigation by the District Attorney’s office.

The Davidson County District Attorney opened the investigation after questionable phone conversations between him and an assault suspect surfaced.

A representative of Greene released Greene's statement announcing his resignation.

“Effective today, I have resigned from the Council. It has been an honor to represent my constituents, and I appreciate all the support that they, along with my family, friends, and colleagues, have offered since I took office. This was a difficult decision, but I believe it is the correct course. As I said in my letter to Vice Mayor Briley, I do not want to distract from the Council’s important business. To that end, this will be my only comment on the matter.”

Mayor Megan Barry released this statement in response to Greene's resignation.

“Mr. Greene did the right thing by resigning from his position on the Metro Council. Nashville deserves to have elected leaders they can trust to uphold the law and serve as role models. I hope whoever is elected to replace Mr. Greene to serve Council District 1 will do just that.”

Greene was not accused of a crime, but was being placed under the microscope for posting bail for a man  accused of a horrific domestic assault.

The District Attorney discovered that Greene told a judge he would pay for Tavarus Buchanan's bond, but then admitted in the phone calls that he didn’t.

According to an affidavit, the assault happened December 25 of last year when Greene's cousin, Buchanan, allegedly beat his girlfriend.

The District Attorney's office alleged Greene wanted to keep the victim from testifying.

Greene said to Buchanan during one of their calls, “Don't say too much on the phone. I got you. But listen, let this be a lesson…If she willing to do this to you, to put the while folks to you, you don't deserve this…I'm gonna deal with her.”

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NewsChannel 5 talked to the victim in an exclusive interview Friday, where she said she thought he needed to be charged.

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Mayor Megan Barry also commented on the allegations surrounding the councilman Friday. 

“I think that elected officials should be held to a higher standard,” the Mayor said. “Any elected officials who is caught in a situation that distracts from the good work that they’re supposed to be doing for their constituents, I think they need to say, ‘What is in my path,’ and ‘Where do I need to go.’”

The District Attorney's office filed a motion to revoke Buchanan's bond Thursday.

To read the full motion to revoke bond, and the complete jailhouse call log click here. WARNING, the calls contain harsh language.