Councilmembers pen letter to Tennessee GOP Chair on issues regarding Republican National Committee contract

Nashville Skyline
Posted at 9:51 AM, Jul 01, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Four Metro Councilmembers detailed in a letter to Tennessee Republican Party Chair Scott Golden the issues around the Republican National Committee contract coming before council on Tuesday.

They state that there are a variety of concerns including security, cost and the diversion of Metro resources, but additional concerns related to the city's relationship with the Tennessee Republican Party.

"Historically Republican values like limited government and the time-honored tradition of local control are now routinely violated by the governor and legislature," they write. "Heavy-handed legislation attacking the ability of victims of rape and incest to obtain medical care, limiting peaceful protests, and drawing small businesses into disputes over social issues all fly in the face of the concept of small government but were still passed and signed into law."

They continue, stating that bills have shown contempt for the new Americans who will be integral for the convention.

"Ultimately, in determining whether providing a massive allocation of government resources to the RNC is in the best interests of our constituents requires understanding not just the aforementioned security, cost, diversion of resources and business impact questions, but also whether it is the intention of the Tennessee Republican Party to continue to be outwardly hostile in intent and actions toward 1) Nashville's ability to effect the various policies that have made us the economic heartbeat of the state, 2) Nashville's ability to address the challenges that emerge with immense growth, and 3) Nashville's ability to provide a safe and welcoming environment to our residents and guests"

They conclude, stating that if they were to join forces it's important to know that it's a partnership built on mutual interest and respect.

Councilmember's Angie Henderson, Joy Styles, Dave Rosenberg and Councilmember At-Large Bob Mendes all signed the letter.