Country Music Star Brad Paisley Paints Mural At Bridgestone Arena

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-22 20:54:55-05

Brad Paisley is known as being an artist, but most people think of him as a musical artist rather than a physical artist, but if you walk through Bridgestone Arena, you can see a mural he came up with and created with his friend Rob Hendon. 

"We're co-painters, like Nashville co-writers! It's only right that people co-paint in Nashville of all places," Paisley said. 

Paisley was approached about the idea of painting the mural in Bridgestone Arena by Hendon after the two had painted together previously. 

Hendon is known for his guitar art, with artist like Paisley, Keith Urban, and many others collecting his pieces. 

"The shape of a guitar is always just one of the most iconic things, and it really screams 'Music City,'" Paisley explained. 

Hendon was approached by Bridgestone Arena to paint a mural but had put it on the back-burner, until he came up with the idea to paint the mural with Paisley. 

Paisley came up with the concept, a guitar being bitten apart by a Nashville Predator, with "Smashville" prominent in the piece and the illusion that the mural is being smashed. He even decided to add a catfish to the design once arriving at Bridgestone and remembering the significance of catfish to Smashville.

"This redneck hockey team of ours and their catfish mascot, it's hilarious to me," Paisley said. 

Paisley came up with the design on his phone, and on Wednesday the 17th, the day before a Predators game, the two got to work. 

"It's my coolest paint partner, for sure," Hendon said of Paisley. "I started my guitar, and he started the catfish at the same time, and we just went to town." 

The mural took less than five hours to complete, in a project that could only happen in Nashville.

The Predators organization has welcomed Nashville traditions and participation from Country Music stars like no other team or venue could. 

"They include us," Paisley explained. "They include our music, when we go to games, we're welcomed with open arms, and it's a really great partnership. I think the NHL has got to be extremely happy with how this turned out."

For Paisley, he hopes when fans walk past hte mural, whether it be to go to a show or a hockey game, they feel a part of the Smashville community just as much as the Country Music artists, and know that they help make Smashville what it is every day. 

Paisley also announced in conjunction with the mural being revealed that he will bring his Weekend Warrior World Tour to Bridgestone Arena on April 6th along with Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant, and Lindsay Ell. 

Tickets for the April 6th show go on sale on Friday at 10 a.m.

As for the murals, Paisley and Hendon said they hope to continue to paint together in the future, possibly bringing a mural to a wall near you.