Explosion Heard Before Donelson House Fire

Posted at 7:11 PM, Dec 16, 2015

Crews were called to the scene of a house fire in Davidson County after neighbors reported hearing an explosion. 

"It was just a real loud boom." Kathy Weber, who lives next door to where the fire happened, said.

The incident was reported just before 8 a.m. Wednesday, on Pleasant Green Road in the Donelson area. 

According to officials, neighbors heard an explosion before the home caught fire.

"Flames were coming out of the garage and both cars were on fire." Larry Weber, a neighbor, said. 

The Weber family has lived next to the home that caught on fire for nearly 40 years, and they said they have become good friends with their neighbors, 77-year-old Mary Lee Taylor and 78-year-old Tom Taylor. 

Kathy Weber was in shock when she saw what happened. "I opened the door and looked out, Mary Lee was laying on her sidewalk with her husband." Kathy said. "Her hair was singed off, her face was covered with soot." 

Mary Lee was transported to the hospital with her husband, but both of them are expected to be okay. Kathy said on Wednesday that it is a miracle her friends and neighbors are alive.

"God has his arms around that woman." Kathy said of Mary Lee. "She wasn't lucky, she was blessed. I don't know how she survived it." 

Tom Taylor spoke briefly to News Channel 5 following the fire, and said he was very thankful no one was seriously injured. "No harm done that can't be replaced," He said. 

The cause of the fire was still under investigation, but officials with the Nashville Fire Department reported there was significant damage to the home's kitchen and living area. 

Numerous Christmas gifts were also damaged in the fire.