Cumberland River Compact To Donate Waste Bags

Posted at 10:59 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 00:04:27-05

Cumberland River Compact was expected to donate 100,000 dog waste bags to Metro in an effort to educate dog owners about the importance of picking up after their pets.

"The animal waste just flows into the stream drain and that pipe carries the water in most sections of Nashville, carries the water to the nearest streams, so all of that water enters our streams unfiltered and unclean," said Mekayle Houghton, Executive Director for Cumberland River Compact.

Houghton said Metro Water Services conducted an assessment of the water quality in our streams and found that 95% to 99% of water pollutants come from animal waste including dogs.

"If that stream is impaired with pathogens then their cuts could become infected, any open wounds could become infected, they could get sick. Animals, dogs that are splashing in the water could get sick as well," said Houghton.

Metro said they spend thousands of dollars in dog waste bags a year and this partnership will help them allocate those funds to other programs.

The bags will be set up at all Metro Dog Parks and will have a message about the importance of cleaning up after dogs.

"This is a very small change in behavior that we hope to inspire so that Nashville streams are safe to get in and splash around in and enjoy for generations to come," said Houghton.

The new waste bags will be available starting in April.