Customers Pay With Sweaty Money

Posted at 7:12 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 20:37:40-04
Some stores owners have seen an increase in what they are calling sweaty money, and when you go to make your purchase some businesses won't accept the cash.
"I've taken money out of their socks, their underwear and everything else," said Larry Ferrell, MyStik Store Owner.
Yet, some stores in Kentucky and even all the way to Las Vegas have said no to the sweaty money. Even putting up signs, turning customers away. Some local business owners said if it is green they'll take it.
"I'm a cash business so unfortunately I have to take it sometimes, unwillingly but I still accept it though," said Chrisitan Scales, Ricky's Hot Dogs Owner.
"You might rinse it out at the kitchen sink, and wait for it to dry. It doesn't take too long," said Scales.
Other store employees said they wish they could institute the no sweaty money policy, because accepting the cash sometimes hurts their business.
"Somebody takes money from their sock and gives it to you, and the customer behind them sees it, then they think we're dirty. Customers see that and then don't want to eat our food because I just got that money from someone's sock."
Though those business owners said they are not too fond of the sweaty cash, but they wont be putting up signs anytime soon.