DCS Case Worker Arrested For Falsifying Information

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-09 02:18:37-04

PULASKI, Tenn. - A Giles County Department of Children Services caseworker is behind bars after allegedly falsifying information and tampering with evidence.

Christopher Rose, age 32, of Pulaski is in custody at the Giles County Jail. He’s been charged with three counts of tampering with evidence and falsifying information and three counts of official misconduct.

"These kids rely on this agency to protect them," District Attorney Brent Cooper said.

Investigators spent about a month going through Rose's case files. Cooper said what they found was tragic.

"Mr. Rose actually witnessed a forensic interview of a child that was alleging they had been abused. Mr. Rose had reported in his file the child did not disclose any abuse, based on that law enforcement took no action," Cooper explained.

A video tape of that interview proved otherwise.

"The child did in fact disclose abuse," said Cooper.

In another case, Rose visited a home with reported deplorable conditions and physical abuse. His case files show he visited the home and found nothing was wrong.

"We've confirmed no home visit ever occurred," Cooper said.

Lastly, Rose has been accused of reporting possible sexual abuse after an interview with a child but investigators found that interview never took place either.

"When you actually just neglect your job and your duties when those duties are protecting children then there's no way that's going to be a good situation," said Cooper.

Currently, investigators do not have a motive or know why Rose reported false claims and didn't act on others. The cases involved in this investigation were assigned new case workers.

"DCS case workers are by large very hardworking people and they have a very tough job to do," said Cooper.

Rose will be arraigned in Giles County Court Monday. His bond was set at $150,000.