Deputy saves pair from rattlesnake

Posted at 3:02 PM, May 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-31 21:41:20-04

MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WTVF) — A Maury County Sheriff's Department deputy tried to help two people who had no clue a rattle snake was so close.

Dash cam video shows Deputy Adam Sisk pulling up to a gravel lot, where two people are laying. A snake can be faintly seen nearby.

Sisk gets out of the vehicle and warns the pair, saying "Don't move! There's a rattlesnake right next to you."

The man quickly gets up and runs away, and the woman slowly follows.

District attorney Brent Cooper took to social media saying, "Drugs are bad... Rattlesnakes are dangerous. A Rattlesnake will sober you up quickly!! Great job Deputy Adam Sisk."

The Maury County Sheriff said drugs weren't found on the two people and he had no reason to believe they were on drugs. No arrests were made in the incident, instead the deputy took the pair to their home.

Bryan Swanson, owner of Complete Animal Control, said the video shows what not to do when coming face to face with a venomous snake.

"That guy just ran off, that was not smart," Swanson said after watching the body camera video. "The snake could feel threatened and, most likely, bite the woman since she was right there in front of him."

Swanson said it's rare to see snakes get so close to humans like that, but it is snake season so they will be common around the mid-state.

"Snakes have woken up, their eggs have hatched, so yes, Middle Tennessee is going to see a lot of snakes," he said. "All of them leave you alone if you leave them alone, so if you see one, just go the other way and don't make any sudden movements."