Broadway Bars Expect Busy New Year's Eve

Posted at 6:59 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-27 20:01:11-05

Despite Nashville's New Year's Eve bash moving to Bicentennial Mall for the first time, some Broadway bars are expecting business to be just as busy.

"Of course there's not going to be as mush foot traffic along lower Broadway," said Acme Feed and Seed Manager Mike Gicz. "But it didn't really have too much of a negative impact on us."

Gicz said Acme sold tickets for it's New Year's Eve bash even faster than last year.

The bar is changing its ticket policy to accommodate more people who chose to spend the night on Broadway.

"It's no re-entry," Gicz said. "If you leave to go to the Bicentennial Mall event, your ticket will not get you back inside Acme."

Officials with the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. said they do expect some people to split their night between both places, and this year's move gives tourists and residents more options.

"There will be people that want to go to Broadway and the honky tonks, but there will also be people that just want to come down for the concert and the note drop," said Deana Ivey, a spokeswoman with the Convention and Visitors Corp. "I think we'll have a really good crowd at both locations."

Gicz said many on lower Broadway will miss having the city wide celebration right outside their front door, but said he's confident the night will be a big success for Broadway.

"It's more about the people you're around than the firework show and this big band," he said. "Maybe you're going to miss the fireworks, but you're going to have one of the best nights of the year here."