Detectives Determine Prime Suspect In Cold Case Murder

Posted at 4:42 PM, Sep 08, 2015

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Rutherford County sheriff’s detectives have found a prime suspect in a murder cold case.

Detectives served a search warrant to a suspect’s home, whom they believe to be China Videon’s killer.

An entire room at the Rutherford County sheriff's office has been dedicated to evidence in the Videon case.

"We've spent hundreds of man hours on this case over the years," said Sheriff Robert Arnold.

The Riverdale High School student disappeared 16 years ago. Her mother, Susan Videon, said in 2007 that she always believed it was foul play.

"My heart has told me from day one that she's dead," said Susan.

For the first time, since Videon disappeared, detectives publicly said they think they know who killed her.

"All the investigators believe these two guys are involved in her disappearance and death," said detective Steve Kohler.

However, he said they've lacked what it would take to make arrests.

Videon worked at a Bi-Lo in Murfreesboro. She vanished after visiting her mother at a beauty salon, and the only evidence was her abandoned car found months later.

"It's very frustrating," said Kohler.

Finally, new developments have come through. Kohler was in Charleston, South Carolina over the weekend where he paid a surprise visit to the suspect’s home.

Sheriff Arnold said it was the latest twist to their investigation.

"We want to put pressure and get answers," said Arnold.

Arnold said the suspects can move away, but they can't hide. His detectives confiscated computer hard drives and other items.

Investigators said they were turning up the heat, and collecting new leads.

"They know that we're watching them; that we're coming," said Arnold.

Detectives wouldn’t say if any arrests were imminent, but they did say they were closer to resolving the case than ever before.