Devin Bond's mother disputes theories he killed himself

Posted at 12:50 PM, Nov 22, 2018

For a mother whose son vanished last year, finding something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving might be tough for Heather Simmers.

However, she has maintained hope that she will reunite with her son Devin Bond. She said next month will be even harder because of Christmas and his 18th birthday.

"I'm thankful that we still have so many people looking for Devin. I feel thankful that I'm so hopeful that we'll find Devin," Simmers told NewsChannel 5.

Since he disappeared on March 31st, there were searches, plus countless signs, flyers and even a billboard.

More than 16 months later, she has kept up a large social media presence to keep her son's name out there. However, she had to address recent comments and theories that he likely killed himself. 

"It does absolutely bother me because I think people will listen to that and think there's no reason to look for him and there's all the reason to look for him," she said. "Your life is based on hope and I think you have to hope for the best things in life."

His phone was last pinged in the Tiger Hill area of Murfreesboro before it was turned off. Simmers said he was last seen in the area of Barfield Crescent Park and had broken up with his girlfriend.

In the past, Simmers believed someone may have helped him run away and possibly knows his whereabouts.

Investigators believe Devin may have taken a gun after he had just broken up with a girlfriend. Simmers is not convinced he would hurt himself. She says a text message with a friend suggested he wouldn't do anything to harm himself. 

"They usually do it by their home or go some place to make a statement or go to a favorite place of theirs," she said.

Tips continue to come in but the number has gone down. She still  wants to create a local system that would alert residents of missing persons cases.

There is still a  $5,000 reward in Devin's case. If you see him or know his whereabouts, call the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office at (615) 904-3056.