Dickson Officials Remind Public Of Cold Case Amid Ongoing Search For Joe Clyde

Martha Leanne Green
Posted at 4:33 PM, Apr 12, 2018

Officials with the Dickson County Sheriff's Office reminded the public of a missing person's case from the 1980s in the wake of their ongoing search for the body of little Joe Clyde.

Martha Leanne Green was reported missing in 1987. She was last seen in a car on Highway 46 near Fabric Road in Dickson County.

The Sheriff's Office posted the following statement to Facebook, saying they will never stop searching.

As the search for little Joe Clyde Daniels’ body continues, we ask everybody to take moment to remember another Dickson County missing person. On April 15, 1987 Martha Leanne Green was reported missing. She was last seen in a car on Highway 46 near Fabric Road. The search for Leanne has been a long one and continues today. The Sheriff’s Office will never give up on the search and still continues to investigate. April 15 will the 31st anniversary of Leanne’s disappearance. We urge everyone to please take a moment to remember Leanne and her family this Sunday.
Leanne's photo is shown age-progressed to 40 years.

Dickson County Sheriff's Office (Tennessee) - 1-615-789-4130

Anyone with information on this case or any other in Dickson County can call the Sheriff's Office at 615-789-4130.