Dickson Power Restoration Continues Following Ice Storm

Posted at 10:47 PM, Mar 04, 2014
and last updated 2015-09-07 14:57:21-04

DICKSON, Tenn - Officials with Dickson Electric Service said Tuesday it had reduced the number of its customers without power to 3,500.

Dozens of crews have been working 16-hour days, according to General Manager Darrell Gillespie, to restore power.

Gillespie said his crews target the largest clusters of outages first. Most areas with a hundred or more outages have had power restored.

Gillespie said the remaining pockets of outages will likely be restored at a slower pace since they are spread out.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Nashville Electric Services said the remaining customers without power, should have electricity restored to their homes by Wednesday morning.

The winter storm that hit the mid-state Monday left thousands of people in the dark. As temperatures dropped, ice covered trees and power lines as the overnight rain fall continued.

Starting at 2 a.m., NES customers were experiencing power outages an at the height of the outage, 10,000 customers were left without power as more than 30 poles and power lines were broken because of the ice.

Dickson County was one of the hardest hit areas. Dickson Electric Service started the day off with around 10,000 customers without power following 400 outages. By Tuesday morning, fewer than 6,000 customers were still without power as crews worked through the night.

Dickson County Electric customers started experiencing power outages around midnight and by 10 a.m. Monday morning more than 10,000 homes were without power. Ice covered trees and power lines caused the biggest problems.

If you know someone in Dickson County without power and they need a safe warm place to sleep for the night, the Dickson County Red Cross has opened a shelter at the Church of Christ at 201 Center Avenue in Dickson.

Hickman County residents without power can go to Fairfield Church of Christ.

The Senior Center Ashland City is open for anyone needing shelter as well.

Dickson residents dealt with a similar situation back on December 7, 2013, when 10,000 homes where left without power.

Tuesday afternoon, 319 NES customers were without power and spokesperson, Lori Parker, said all customers (360,000) should have power restored to their homes by Wednesday morning.

Dickson Electric Service said it hopes to have power restored to all its customers by the end of the week.

Several school systems will be closed or delayed Monday, including Metro-Nashville Public Schools. For more information, go to Snow Watch School Closings.