Chemicals Cause License Plate Decal To Disappear

Posted at 6:52 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 19:52:24-05

Drivers in counties across the state have noticed the numbers on issued license plate decals disappearing.

Business Information Systems, the state's decal-on-demand supplier said it's rain or water causing decal numbers to disappear, but something else entirely.

"After calls to the the individuals reporting the problems our company has determined it was chemicals found in cleaners such as bug and tar remover that compromised the ink," said Business Information System's CEO Chris Laisure.

Cheatham County Clerk reported getting calls from drivers who said they put the decal on in the rain only to watch it disappear. Other surrounding counties have also reported getting similar calls.

Robertson County Clerk Susan Atchley said when she received a handful of complaints two years ago, she replaced the ribbon and that fixed the problem.

"We had a gentleman come into our office one day and purchased a renewal and we printed off his decal gave it to him and it happened to be raining and he came back in and says the ink is running off the sticker" said Atchley.

Business Information Systems' CEO said the first decal on demand printers were installed December of 2013 in Sumner County Tennessee, since then every county in the state of Tennessee has installed this system with the exception of Sevier County. In the two years they've been in operation, they've only heard of 12 to 13 cases.

The company has found a solution to this problem. "We have been working closely with Tricor and the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue, and have acquired ribbons that are more resistant to these types of chemicals," said Laisure.

Counties throughout Tennessee will be receiving these new ribbons over the next few months.