Dog Abandoned, Froze To Death In Doghouse

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - Animal control officers with the Montgomery County Animal Care & Control need leads in a disturbing animal cruelty case. 

On Sunday morning, a dog was found frozen to death and stuck to a plastic doghouse without a top outside a vacant business on Dean Road. 

"It aggravates me the fact that people would do that to their animals," Trevor Combs, the Clarksville man who found the dog, told NewsChannel 5. 

Jessica Cook, a Montgomery County animal control officer, found the dog around 8:30 a.m. when she said temperatures were in the single digits. 

"I had to peel the blanket off the dog because it was actually frozen to the dog," Cook said. 

The Montgomery County Animal Care & Control Director Jeanette Farrell said the dog suffered bruising and discoloration. The dog was already neutered when he was found. 

Since the tissues were damaged from the cold, a necropsy could not be conducted. However, the shelter is testing to determine if the dog was sick prior to his death.

"There's no excuse for it, if the dog was sick, the owner could've called animal control, we would've gladly euthanized the dog," Farrell said. 

On Monday, the shelter dealt with another similar case. A different dog was also found frozen to death on the side of Hematite Road and Highway 149 in Clarksville. 

There were a handful of dogs frozen to death the same time last year. 

Officials urged any pet owner needing help to call the shelter at (931) 648-5750.

Call the shelter if you have any information about the case. 

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