Pet Dog Found Dead After Being Dragged On Road

Posted at 4:35 PM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 19:35:03-05

A beloved pet was found dead by a Mt. Juliet road, but the signs left behind by those who killed it, showed it had been dragged behind a vehicle.

"When I came, he was laying here, this direction with his face toward the road," said a passing motorist who discovered the dead dog.

At first she thought he had been hit by a car along Stewarts Ferry Pike in Mt. Juliet, but the closer she looked; she found the legs were bound with twine and a strap crossed the dog's torso.

There were rash burns, tire tracks in the grass, and evidence the twine snapped when hitting a street sign. I was outraged," she said.

The woman concluded someone dragged the dog to it's death behind a car. She asked that we give her name or show her face on camera.

"Because my husband said if someone is sick enough to do this to an animal I don't want you in the news," said the woman, fearing for her own safety.

The graphic photos taken by the woman, were posted on Facebook. Only then, did a local family discover what happened to their dog named Gilly.

"It's kind of tough seeing the pictures," said the father who also asked that we not use his name. "Somebody picked him up with the intention to hurt him or they would have called the number on the tag," said the owner.

Gilly had an ID collar. Sometimes he'd wander out of yard, but always came back, but  this time he didn't and then was found tied up with his collar missing.

The Wilson County Sheriff Department was made aware of the case. "Of course we take it seriously. We all have dogs, cats and pets," said spokesperson Sharon Curtis Flair.

The incident has made neighbors in the area fear for their own pets. "At this point we don't have any answers," said the woman who found the dog.

Yet, she and others knew anyone sick enough to do something like this once, could do it again.

Neighbors and Officials asked anyone who knows anything about what happened to the dog to contact the sheriff or Wilson County Animal Control with tips.

It may be the only way to catch the person responsible. The family just learned the fate of their dog and have not officially filed a criminal report.

The sheriff and county animal control were ready to investigate, but said the key would be getting tips from the public.