Dog Found With Arrow In His Head In Lexington, Tennessee

Posted at 3:46 PM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 16:48:58-04

A dog in Lexington, Tennessee was found with an arrow in its head.

Buddy the dog was found with the arrow through the portion of his head above his right eye. He was taken to a local shelter where he was treated and the arrow was removed.

A worker with the shelter, Nikki Smith, told NewsChannel 5 that Buddy's owner said he was shot by a neighbor on Teague Drive. Buddy was placed with a family member of the owner out of fear of another attack by the same neighbor.

A report was made with the Lexington Police Department and the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

The shelter worker posted photos of Buddy on social media to try to alert homeowners in the area of the original attack.

Smith posted the following to Facebook:

The following images are graphic in nature, if you get queasy, I would advise you not to look. This was one of our clients today, his name is Buddy, and he's a total love. Buddy resides within the city limits, and was shot in the head with an arrow. At this time, he is recovering, his owner is terrified to keep him for fear a neighbor will do the same again, and kill her dog. This dog used to reside on Teague Drive, in Lexington, Tennessee, if you live there be advised, and aware, no animals are safe on that street. At this time, this dog needs rescue, he is residing at a family members house until he heals. I'd like to further add, don't let me find out who did this... names are being dropped already, and it's only a matter of time. The arrow that was left in his body has a serial number, they keep track of those numbers for a reason. Whoever you are that did this, your lack of compassion, and decency, makes you nothing more than trash to me. You are vile, and disgusting, and I resent the fact that you breathe the same air that I breathe. You are no kind I wish to know, you are not the pride of your family, and friends, this act alone proves that you are nothing more than a disgrace, and a complete, and utter failure as a human being. My post is public, feel free to share it.

WARNING the images below contain graphic content: