Dogs Rescued During Montgomery Co. Flash Floods

Posted at 10:02 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 00:06:43-04

According to animal control officials, the number of animal cruelty calls to Montgomery County Animal Control and Care has risen.

Director Jeanette Farrell said they have recently received between 10-20 reports a day and many in many of those cases, the animals need help.

Last week, Montgomery County Animal Control officers rescued two dogs from rising floodwaters. 

One of them was in water near Golf Club Lane. The officer found an older bloodhound type dog unable to escape the water.

Farrell said the owner surrendered the dog, Annabelle, over the weekend. She said the owner was out-of-town but had a caretaker. Farrell said he was not charged with animal cruelty since he didn't violate any local or state laws.

Wednesday, Annabelle was eager to leave Tiny Town Animal Clinic to start her new life with an adopted family.

Kaley Smith met her new dog when she filled out adoption papers Tuesday. She said they immediately bonded.

"The two times she's been rescued, it's just she's the pure definition of a fighter," Smith said. "She's here still and still hanging on. We're just excited to show her all the love we have."

A win for both Annabelle and the Smith family.

"Annabelle gets a new home and my husband and I get to continue teaching our children that the life they've been given is not about them," Georgie Smith, Annabelle's new grandmother. "But it's about how they can use that life to impact the lives of others, whether that be a person or a dog and just make a positive change."

Annabelle was not the only dog rescued from the rising waters last week in Montgomery county. Farrell said a Catahoula-type dog was chained to a log and left with no food or shelter on the other side of the county. 

"It is a problem," Farrell said. "I've seen some of the worst cruelty cases in my 25 year history of doing animal welfare in this county."

We don't know the name of the Catahoula type dog, since his owner has not come forward. Farrell said they plan to file cruelty charges against the dog's owner.

Depending how the judge rules, the owner could face jail time.