Downtown Springfield plays host to film productions

Springfield film
Posted at 7:57 PM, Aug 08, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WTVF) — An independent film called The Life of Me has just started production in Middle Tennessee. Where it's being made is increasingly becoming a destination for film crews. This local town is getting newfound attention.

"From when we opened five years ago to now, we have seen so much growth here on the square," said Amy Freeman, manager of the Historic Perk Coffee Shop in downtown Springfield.

Freeman's taken note of what's happening just a few doors down. A crew's making a movie.

"Springfield has kinda been a secret hidden gem in middle Tennessee, which is good, but it's also fun to get noticed and have our name put on the map," Freeman said.

"This has a huge impact on our local economy," said Springfield Mayor Ann Schneider. "They stay in our hotels. They shop in our stores. They eat in our restaurants."

Schneider's seen several productions use the square in just the past few years.

"Frito-Lay was here with Thomas Rhett filming a commercial," Schneider remembered.

"Dan + Shay just did one of their music videos," added Freeman. "We had Tim McGraw up on the square."

Freeman knows the positives of having a production in town. Historic Perk was featured in Lifetime's A Welcome Home Christmas, and ever since, she's had people taking pictures outside and excitedly coming in to talk about the movie.

So, how has Springfield gotten all these productions lately?

"We're friendly, and we're here to do business," said Schneider.

Plus, the city has that certain Mayberry, Norman Rockwell, Coca-Cola classic vibe some productions need.

"It is small-town America," said Freeman.

An executive producer for the Manns Mackie Studios film told NewsChannel 5 they can't give many details about the film or where you'll be able to watch it yet.

Freeman herself isn't looking to break into film.

"Oh no. Nope!" she laughed. "Put me behind the counter and let me steam a latte, and I'm happy to be behind the scenes."

Instead, Freeman's happy to watch her city be the star.

If you'd like to be an extra in the film, visit this link.