Driver calls for increased rideshare regulations following BNA crash

Posted: 6:28 PM, Feb 25, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-25 19:43:07-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A limo, Lyft, and Uber driver is calling for increased regulations surrounding rideshare drivers after one of those drivers rammed into another car at Nashville International Airport, pinning a woman in between the cars.

“I just seen the vehicle moving and did not stop until the impact," a driver who witnessed the accident, said. “Did not hear no skid marks, just a big, I seen a big bang. I actually watched a vehicle hit her.”

The driver who witnessed the accident works for a limo company, and also drives Uber and Lyft. For his limo company, he is required to go through many steps before being approved to drive passengers.

“Background checks, fingerprints, commercial drivers licenses, F endorsements, insurances, permits, and registrations," he explained, adding that rideshare drivers don't have to go through the same steps. Instead, he said they really only need a drivers license, insurance, and a car. “Within an matter of hours, you’re approved, and off to the races you go.”

The driver said he believes the government needs to step in and require ridesharing companies to increase the requirements they have for their drivers to prevent accidents from happening.

“They need to meet the requirements that we have to meet, so that way they feel that they have a responsibility to be a professional driver and take on a lot more responsibility, they would care a lot more," the driver explained. “I’ve seen ride share drivers literally hit parked cars, illegal u-turns in the middle of major streets.”

Lyft sent out a statement regarding the incident at Nashville International Airport, saying the following:

Safety is our top priority and our hearts go out to the woman injured. While this incident did not occur on the Lyft platform, we have deactivated the driver.

Uber was contacted about the incident, but at time of publication, did not release a statement.

The woman was taken to an area hospital, and officials with Nashville International Airport said it was possible that she had two broken legs.