Police Want To Speak With Driver After I-24 Fatal Crash

Posted at 8:27 PM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 11:56:25-04

Police said they’re looking to speak with the driver involved in a fatal crash on Interstate 24 in Nashville. 

The incident happened Thursday night in westbound lanes near Briley Parkway. 

Officials with Metro Nashville Police said 27-year-old Katelynn Bruce was traveling in the far, right lane when she lost control and hit the right side of a tractor trailer.  

The impact of the crash sent both vehicles across the other two lanes. The truck rolled onto its side, and slid through a light pole and a guardrail before taking down a large tree. 

Bruce’s Chevrolet Cobalt became entangled with the trailer and struck the guardrail before coming to rest behind the trailer on the grass shoulder.

Police said the driver of the truck -- 31-year-old Fahiye Mohamed Nur, of Chicago -- died at the scene. Bruce was not seriously hurt.  

After giving a statement to police, authorities said Bruce declined to be taken to a hospital by ambulance but asked that a friend take her.  

She claimed she was headed to Tristar Skyline Medical Center. However, police said she did not go there and other hospital checks were negative. 

Officers said they’re now trying to find her to ask further questions as a result of a analysis of the crash scene and the wreckage.

The District Attorney’s Office would determine whether charges will be placed.