Drug Dealer Charged After Deadly Heroin Overdose

Posted at 5:20 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 21:28:52-05

A suspected drug dealer was arrested after a deadly overdose over the weekend claimed the life of a young father and beloved son from Cheatham County.

Chad Judkins was inside his home in Chapmansboro the day after Thanksgiving when he took his last breath.

On Wednesday, Perry Judkins will be burying his oldest son.

"And he’s not coming back. Never, may see him one day but not in this world," Perry said. 

Chad got addicted to opioids a few years ago, then heroin. Perry tried to convince his son to go to rehab last week. But on Friday night the 30-year-old overdosed on heroin.

"One high, that’s it. They think they’re coming back but they don’t. It’s over," Perry added.

Only a few hours after his death, deputies managed to text Chad's drug dealer and convinced Christopher Stefko to come to Chad's house where they were waiting to arrest him. Stefko was charged with second degree murder for manufacturing and selling the heroin that killed Chad. 

Officials said the heroin Chris Stefko sold to Chad, may have also caused three other overdoses in Cheatham County this weekend.

"It might be his choice to take it, they shouldn't deal it, they shouldn't brought it here and if they brought it and someone dies they need to be put away," Perry added.

Chad didn't just leave behind his heartbroken parents, he also left behind two little girls. 

"That was his life, he loved them more than I can say," his father said.

Two girls without their dad, two parents without their son, one crisis that continues to grow.