Metro Students, Families Watch Solar Eclipse At Festival

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Whether they came from afar or just down the road, Elmington Park was the place to be for anyone wanting to catch a clear view of the total solar eclipse, Monday. 

"It's slowly getting smaller and smaller. I can't wait till its dark," student Alec Matherburks said as he viewed the eclipse. 

Metro students had the day off so the PTSO planned an eclipse festival hoping students would participate in this once in lifetime lesson, if only the heat would cooperate. 

 "It was extremely hot, now not so much so. A little bit better, more bearable," Chelle Bawldwin said. 

For about two minutes, sweet relief from the heat as darkness spread across the Mid-State.

"It looks like cheese a little bit," laughed one student. 

A once in life time event and some motivation for students as they head back to class Tuesday.

"We'll never forget this."

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